1.MahaMrityunjaya Mantra (Hi Profile Remix) by Shanti People
    2.Time To Party by Mad Maxx, Menog
    3.Voodoo by Bitmonx & Morten Granau
    4.Clip - Chemical Bond by E
    5.Electric Jungle by Face Off & Cosmic Tone
    6.Never Back Down by Alex Di Stefano
    7.Arizona by Allen Watts
    8.The Potion by Sean Tyas & Darren Porter
    9.Energon by Serjan
    10.Nuclear Device by Tripy
    11.Icaros by Soniq Vision
    12.Nova Crystalli by Jakaan
    13.Funk Shuei by Mekkanikka, Painkiller
    14.Spike by Simon Patterson
    15.Renaissance Superman by 1200 Micrograms
    16.The Jolly Roger (Future Frequency Remix) by Ace Ventura
    17.Dawn Over The Amazon (Jordan Suckley Remix) by John 00 Fleming