1.Brain Recycle by Flash Jack
    2.Come with Us (Lish Remix) by Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics
    3.Creep by Electit
    4.Sacred Geometry by Spectro Senses
    5.What's The Catch by Alex Di Stefano
    6.Artattack by Off Limits
    7.Nuclear Device by Tripy
    8.Cobra (Niko Zografos Remix) by Midway
    9.Chemicals (Original Mix) by The Noble Six
    10.Energon by Serjan
    11.Time To Party by Mad Maxx, Menog
    12.Mushroom (Remake 2017) by Cat On Mushroom
    13.Solution by Killer Buds & Corrosive System
    14.Ready To Rumble by Killerwatts & Mandala
    15.When She Calls by Zach Zlov pres. Edgar Tapia