1.people by neelix
    2.The Dream Of Electric Sheep by Daniel Lesden
    3.Aum Namah Shivaya by Psyground
    4.Spike by Simon Patterson
    5.A Lucid Nightmare by Triceradrops
    6.Tilikum by Adam Ellis
    7.Reliable Connection by Jeremy & Shivatrance
    8.Cyanosure by Magnus
    9.Huggernaught by Ajja & Dickster
    10.Redeemer by You Are My Salvation
    11.X Dimension by Labirinto
    12.Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix) by Astral Projection
    13.Hidden Sun Of Venus (Oliver Lieb Remix) by L.S.G.
    14.Next Destination by Spirit Architect
    15.Marquis De Sade by Neos
    16.You Can Do This by Ovnimoon Featuring Sonidos Alupran
    17.Green Medicine by Ital
    18.Mantra by Electric Universe
    19.New Psyledonia by Dust
    20.Cosmic Update by Eclipse Echoes
    21.Backflash by Lunatica & Hypatia
    22.How Can I feat. Jessica Lawrence (John O'Callaghan Extended Remix) by Craig Connelly, Jessica Lawrence
    23.Who's Who by Michael Kaelios
    24.India 911 by Pura Vida vs. Effective
    25.It Turns For You (The Noble Six Remix) by Neptune Project Feat. Polly Strange