Rising Galaxy         -              Beyond the Hubble Zone                         
Booka Shade           -              Confessions                                 
Betonkust               -            Entertaining My Goth                           
Zombies in Miami    -                New Odisea                                       
Pavlin Petrov             -          Alternative Intensity (Cruster Remix)            
Lost Shaman             -            Other Side of the Sun, Pt. 1                   
Cowboy Rhythmbox     -               Tanz Exotique (Red Axes Remix)                    
Daniel Avery           -             Clear - 4A - 123                                            
Zombies in Miami      -              Where is the Voice of that Man on Acid          
Neurodriver, Tom Real      -         Time Dilation                                    
Chris Shape, Black Asteroid    -     Eat the Bankers                                  
Neil Landstrumm & The Horrorist  -   Silent Screams (The Horrorist Vocal Mix)          
Dante Filacanavo       -             Hero (Original Mix)                                                          
Tencode            -                 You'll Never Know                 
Gai Barone         -                 Shiny                              
Innershades        -                 The Kings