1.THOSE GROOVES by Steve Bug
    2.Apache Mesos by Alex imparato
    3.The Hop'e by Scuba
    4.In the groove by Quivver
    5.Jamaica Rulez by Davide Cimmarrusati
    6.Black box by Aiho
    7.Disco Robot by Stex
    8.Music Takes Me by Big Bang Breaks
    9.Power Blaster by Leuce Rhythms
    10.Zero by Jon Convex
    11.After All by Franck Roger & Mandel Turner
    12.Now She Was by Presslaboys
    13.Pieces of You by Davide Squillace
    14.Double Coffee by Alex MilLenium
    15.Crashed by Attemporal
    16.Imagine by Arie Calm
    17.Rewind by Michael S
    18.Hammer by Tom Fall & Ben Nicky
    19.Ne1butu by Scuba