Love Decade - When the morning comes

A track i wrote with Pete from love decade in the summer of 1990 before he went on to make Is this a Dream & So real .

The track was never a hands in the air anthem like Is this a Dream & So real but did get the honor of last track at the night at the Hacienda.


Reality - Feel it

A hands in the air pumping rave anthem that I wrote with Daz m in 1992

the track went on to be a sort after record after only 5000 copy's being pressed

Side B features a more tougher techno style remix

Armed and Dangerous - Say It Again

Recorded: 1997

A pumpin, uplifting house track that I wrote with the DJ Welly.

A blend of throbbing bass-lines and uplifting strings.

Armed and Dangerous - You Can Do It

The flip side to Say It Again. An uplifting house track with big vocals and an even bigger piano break.

Written with DJ Welly.


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